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The Front Page [01.07.11]

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Today on WKMS News‘ weekly radio magazine:

Dentists Say Meth Mouth Is Ugly and Expensive 

Paducah, KY ~ Drug experts say long-term addiction to meth leads to weight loss, hair loss, and skin irritation. While successful recovery and time can relieve those symptoms, another side effect doesn’t go away as easily. “Meth mouth” refers to the tooth decay common in meth users. As Angela Hatton reports the condition is nearly unavoidable for addicts, and dental work to repair it is costly.

What’s Trending in Area Law Enforcement Leadership

Cadiz, KY ~ Several area counties have a new sheriff heading up their respective outfits. Among them are Graves, Hickman and Trigg Counties. Reporter Chris Taylor finds out what’s trending in area law enforcement leadership and what the newly elected anticipate and hope to accomplish during their terms.

Commentary: The Lantern Bearers

Murray, KY ~ Maybe you know someone with a tough exterior and a hidden heart of gold, someone with an internal kindness only revealed to those closest to them. Author Robert Louis Stevenson called this kind of person a “lantern bearer.” Commentator Duane Bolin examines this trait in Stevenson’s essay and in his own life.

Justice Cunningham on Legal Aid and Kentucky’s Top Court

Murray, KY ~ Kentucky Supreme Court Associate Justice Bill Cunningham represents the far west of the Commonwealth on the state bench. He’s also an author who’s written extensively about this region’s history. And on today’s Q&A, Judge Cunningham joins us to talk about legal assistance for the poor and how the state’s top court works.

Leadership Changes in Frankfort

Frankfort, KY ~ One of the longest serving members of the Kentucky House has withstood a strong challenge to his leadership position. Kentucky Public Radio’s Tony McVeigh has the results of that and other leadership races settled on the first day of the 2011 session.

Kentucky’s Civil War Dispatch

Murray, KY ~ Today, we’re beginning an almanac that will look back at what was happening in Kentucky 150 years ago, as the Commonwealth played its part in the American Civil War. These pieces come from the pen of author and history professor Berry Craig, and they’re produced here at WKMS. So, here’s today’s inaugural installment of Kentucky’s Civil War Dispatches.

WKMS Interviews The Grascals ahead of the Front Porch Concert (Next Weekend)

Murray, KY ~ The Grascals headline our Front Porch Lovett Live concert next weekend at Murray State. Mark Welch spoke recently with one of the band members.

Legendary Shack Shakers in Paducah New Year’s Eve

Paducah, KY ~ The Legendary Shack Shakers bring their unique brand of Southern Gothic to the Paducah-McCracken County Convention Center New Year’s Eve. The front-man is Paducah’s J.D. Wilkes, a 38-year-old Kentucky Colonel, visual artist and filmmaker whose stage presence is, well, you just have to experience it for yourself. Jacque Day spent some time with Wilkes and his wife Jessica at their home, where Wilkes discusses the Shack Shakers and the band he formed with Jessica, called the Dirt Daubers.

Written by Chris Taylor

January 7, 2011 at 11:31 am

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