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Weekend Energy Preview – 1/8

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Here’s what’s in the mix for this Saturday night’s Weekend Energy. This week’s show is so insanely bouncy, it’s like moon exploration with two ferrets in your shirt and a helmet made of jello.


Ellie Goulding – Starry Eyed (Penguin Prison Remix) – I found out about this British singer/songwriter when she debuted with Neon Gold Records at the end of ’09. Starry Eyed came out a few months later shortly followed by this remix, which I’ve played a lot on the show. Penguin Prison did an amazing job here – making the song even livelier than the original. Easily one of my all-time favorites. See the original video.

French Horn Rebellion vs Database – Beaches & Friends (The Twelves Radio Edit) – See this week’s “Discovery” below.

Vito & Escobar – Bud By Bud – A bouncy, catchy ragga-infused song that builds up to an industrial power-drill of a riff. A handful of songs are as powerful as this. If this song doesn’t make you move, you must be encased in concrete. Electro House at its finest.

Creep – Days (Azari & III Remix) – A song that lives up the artists’ name. Dark, murky and fresh – it’s like bathing in a swamp and yet strangely feeling clean afterward. The Azari & III Remix has more of a crisp and consistent beat. Both versions portray a great atmosphere.

(After the jump read this week’s Discovery and what Almost Made It)


French Horn Rebellion

Their name alone is awesome, but this electro-pop nu-retro funk duo backs it up with one ridiculously catchy single after another.  Since the’09  release of “Up All Night,” I’ve had these guys on the shortlist on many playlists for this show, also being impressed with their remixes, namely Two Door Cinema Club’s “I Can Talk.” Their song in this week’s mix, Beaches & Friends superbly exemplifies  classic freshness. It sounds like it’s been around forever, but still relevant – even exclusive. If they’re hanging out on the beach with friends like The Twelves, they’re in good company. Nearly everything The Twelves touch turns to gold. Here’s an example. Oh, check out French Horn Rebellion’s video for “This Moment,” the newest single and on their new UK released album, “The Infinite Music of French Horn Rebellion,” which I’ll be picking up soon.

Almost Made It


I’m a big fan of Chromeo, by now I’ve played almost all of their songs on Weekend Energy. “Night by Night” is one of those songs enjoyed through endless repeat. The video rocks, too. Frenetic “lucha libre” DJs Pelussje and Italian guy Kisbeat! do a thorough job of ripping the somewhat sensitive track into a massive banger. Brace yourself for the sucker punch to the eardrums right around two minutes, this thing barrels off the launch pad leaving behind a billowing cloud of carcinogenic mayhem. I’ll put it in the mix soon.

Second Hour Rewind

The second hour rewind is the previous week’s first hour. Featured artists include Dirty Disco Youth, Fukkk Offf, Fiero and The Beatrabauken.

“Crank up your stereo, bust out the strobe light and kick up the bass.”

Weekend Energy has been blowing out car stereo systems, upsetting the neighbors and enhancing the night life of western Kentucky every weekend since July 2007 on WKMS. Host Matt “McG” Markgraf pours through hundreds of songs each week to create “the loudest show on public radio” featuring the best techno, dance and electronica from around the world.

Weekend Energy airs Saturdays on 91.3 WKMS from 11 p.m. to 1 a.m. Stream it live on Saturday nights.

Hear the show streaming online.


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