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Datebook: December 24 – Christmas Eve

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It’s Friday, December 24.

Today, keep your composure while trying to assemble the best gift ever given, or creating a sumptuous dessert from a complicated recipe, or struggling to find that wonderful item that you hid from its recipient-to-be and yourself.  Tonight before retiring, remember to put out a cookie and a glass of milk indoors and reindeer feed outdoors.

Tomorrow let’s share a grateful thought or deed for those who serve by working on Christmas Day, especially those who are on alert in uniform on dangerous assignments here or abroad, on our highways, in our fire halls, ambulance services, hospitals, caregivers, law enforcement agencies and utilities.

On Sunday refill the bird feeders in case you haven’t had the time. Break down and store the cardboard boxes and gift bags to reuse next year.  Pick up a good book, curl into comfort and have a nice long read in celebration of the season and being alive in our beautiful space in the universe.  Savor leftovers.

Happy listening to holiday shows described at  Merry Christmas Eve.



Written by Matt Markgraf

December 24, 2010 at 10:02 am

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