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Psychology behind Wikileaks cyber-attacks
Murray, KY ~ This week, supporters of WikiLeaks co-founder and editor Julian Assange launched a series of cyber attacks. The “hacker backers” crashed the Master Card and Visa websites, and forced a shutdown of the Swedish government’s website. TJacque Day sat down with Murray State psychology professor Dr. Ian Norris for a glimpse into the Internet’s role in magnifying our most basic psychological instincts.
Bredesen’s Tennessee land conservation efforts
Nashville, TN ~ State healthcare, education, and budget cuts, those are just some of the main headline-grabbers during Tennessee Governor Phil Bredesen’s time in office. Conserving state land, not so much. But as Daniel Potter reports from Nashville, it’s likely one of the lasting hallmarks of Bredesen’s legacy.
Senior Citizen Theatre Troupe Recreates Radio on Stage
Murray, KY ~ The Old Duffers and Powder Puffers is Murray’s newest theatre troupe. The group is made up of local senior citizens, and they aim to put on live shows featuring old radio play scripts. Angela Hatton visited one of their rehearsals for the upcoming production of The Shadow, and brings us this audio postcard.
Talking Santa with Local Teachers
Murray, KY ~ Most adults who believed in Santa Claus when they were kids can remember once upon a time when the realization hit them: That overstuffed and too-jolly-to-be-living-that-far-north annual gift giver was really an elaborate hoax perpetuated by grown-ups. Now, there’s no mounting evidence to suggest the deceiving holiday illusion has any detrimental effect on kids, but all the same some adults still reflect on the subject with disdain, others are indifferent and many still live the magic.
Dog Sledding in Western Kentucky
Grand Rivers, KY ~ This weekend’s frigid forecast commands a cringe from most. But Jeff Blewett of Hickory, Kentucky anxiously waits for this weather all year. He races dry land dog sled teams. Rebecca Feldhaus has more on Blewett and this rapidly growing team sport.
The Q&A – Paducah’s New City Manager Jeff Pederson
Paducah, KY ~ Paducah’s new City Manager Jeff Pederson has wrapped up his first week in the position. The position entails working with the mayor and city commission to formulate and implement policy; it also involves the day-to-day supervision of Paducah’s approximately 340 employees. Mr. Pederson takes some time out of getting his feet wet to speak with us about how the change is going.
‘Kentucky Youth Assembly’ convenes in Frankfort
Frankfort, KY ~ The 2011 session of the Kentucky General Assembly convenes next month. But as Kentucky Public Radio’s Tony McVeigh reports, the hallways of the State Capitol are already filled with young Kentuckians who could be the lawmakers of the future.
Teaching Responsible Technology; Avoiding Cheating 2.0
Mayfield, KY ~ Technology is now an important part of education, though some education stakeholders worry too much access to technology like the internet and text messaging will tempt students to abuse the right. They worry some students will even use technology to cheat on exams. The majority of schools in western Kentucky ban personal devices during school hours entirely. As Angela Hatton reports, one school system is taking a different approach.

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December 10, 2010 at 1:24 pm

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