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Weekend Energy Preview – 12/11

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Here’s what’s in the mix for this Saturday night’s Weekend Energy. This week is so invigoratingly heavy, it’s like an African bush elephant cannon-balling into a mug of iced frappuccino. It’ll also be the last show of “new” music for the year. Next week will be a best of Autumn and the week after will be a Dubstep Christmas Special.


Saalschutz – Headliner der Herzen (F**k Art Let’s Dance Remix) – Actually a  fitting title for this remix, much “dancier” than their unmixed stuff.

MAY68 – The Prisoner (Original Version) – A group I’ve become quite fond of this year. Music video.

Beatman and Ludmilla – Backyard (Original Mix) – Almost made it in last week’s mix, it’s here now.

The Hundred in the Hands – Commotion – See this week’s “Discovery” below.

(After the jump read this week’s Discovery and what Almost Made It)


The Hundred in the Hands

From the wicked guitar chords in the first 20 seconds, you already know this song will be amazing. Then the haunting vocals by Eleanore Everdell kick in and you’re hooked. Then they build and build into the catchy chorus at the one minute mark and you’ve ‘fanned’ them on Facebook. I first heard The Hundred in the Hands at the release of “Dressed in Dresden” a while back and thought, okay they have a cool sound maybe something will come of that. Here it is. “Commotion.” It’s fast, formulaic and every second is fantastic. They’re signed to the Warp label so expect to hear more from them in the future. Of course, they’re already doing so much more than just whipping out catchy riffs. Their web site fosters a growing community of indie artists and ‘in the scene’ business. Check it out:

Almost Made It

Here’s a song that almost made it in the mix. It’s an old house heater from way back in 1999, Tom Novy “Now or Never” featuring Lima, but remixed fresh by Lissat and Voltaxx. This song is pure smoothness, warm with a touch of techy cool – like half melted ice in a glass of your favorite drink. I’ll put it in a mix eventually, but until then listen below and sip responsibly.

Second Hour Rewind

The second hour rewind is the previous week’s first hour. Featured artists include Flash Republic, Camaro Kids, Basement Freaks and Doctor P.

“Crank up your stereo, bust out the strobe light and kick up the bass.”

Weekend Energy has been blowing out car stereo systems, upsetting the neighbors and enhancing the night life of western Kentucky every weekend since July 2007 on WKMS. Host Matt “McG” Markgraf pours through hundreds of songs each week to create “the loudest show on public radio” featuring the best techno, dance and electronica from around the world.

Weekend Energy airs Saturdays on 91.3 WKMS from 11 p.m. to 1 a.m. Stream it live on Saturday nights.

Hear the show streaming online.


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