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Intelligence officials worry a handful of leaked diplomatic cables focused on Yemen could end up helping al-Qaida recruitment there.

~NPR hears how the leak could make Yemen appear to be American-loving liars.

KENTUCKY~ Paducah school officials don’t like PMS and a 100-bed rehab facility will open nearby within days. An Afghan Border Patrol officer kills 6 Fort Campbell soldiers. Bankruptcies across the state are up 66%. A top aide to Senator McConnell resigns. Grant$ are available to stop underage drinking. A new CEO will take the helm of the state’s main Medicaid provider. Gov. Beshear throws state money toward bringing a biblical theme park to the northern part of the state.

TENNESSEE~ Clarksville-Montgomery Airport officials name the contractor to build a new Outlaw Field terminal. Police have busted 1,700 methlabs this year.

ILLINOIS~ Civil unions get a green light from state senators. Gov. Quinn extends funding for the state’s  job creation machine.


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