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Good Read – All Facts Considered

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All Facts Considered
by Kee Malesky

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Product Description:
For the bestselling miscellany market, an NPR librarian’s compendium of fascinating facts on history, science, and the art. How much water do the Great Lakes contain? Who were the first and last men killed in the Civil War? How long is a New York minute? What are the lost plays of Shakespeare? What building did Elvis leave last? Get the answers to these and countless other vexing questions in a All Facts Considered. Guaranteed to enlighten even the most seasoned trivia buff, this treasure trove of “who knew?” factoids spans a wide range of intriguing subjects. The perfect gift for every inquiring mind that wants to know, All Facts Considered will put you at the center of the conversation as you show off your essential store of inessential yet irresistible knowledge.

Matt Markgraf says:

“I’m naturally curious about facts and anecdotes that may have little tangible value in the functioning world. NPR does little to discourage this obsession, too… And now in book form! Since reading this book, I’ve started (and ended) many conversations with ‘Did you know…?’ Here are a few neat things I’ve learned: Julia Child made a shark repellent for the CIA; Tiramisu was invented less than 30 years ago; the term ‘deadline’ was once literal; the first African to come to the New World was a pilot for Christopher Columbus; the US Army had a Camel Corps – yes, camels; if a male dog mates with a female coyote they’ll produce a ‘dogote’. The bite-sized blurbs in this book are varied and substantive enough to leave you fulfilled. Malesky has very extensive citation in the back, which I appreciated. It’s a fun book and it’ll make you smarter, a rare formula that makes for an excellent read.”

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Written by Matt Markgraf

November 29, 2010 at 10:58 am

Datebook: November 29 – Cyber Monday

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It’s Monday, November 29.

The MSU Clay Club has its Winter Ceramics Sale Wednesday and Thursday, from 9 a.m. – 3 p.m. in the Curris Center Rocking Chair Lounge. Shop for Handmade pottery and sculpture.

The Paris Henry County Heritage Center exhibit “Trees on the Square” opens tomorrow and runs through December 19.  Hours are Tuesday through Friday, noon to 6, Saturdays 10 to 6 and Sundays 1 to 4.  Enter via the Market Street Parking Lot behind the Center at 614 North Poplar.

The Carson Center in Paducah collects boxes of cereal for the Paducah Cooperative Ministry today through December 17th.  The donation bin is inside near the Box Office, open Monday through Friday 10 to 5.  Also, ticket holders for shows may bring donations to performances.

The American Red Cross has a two day blood drive at Murray State’s Curris Center, tomorrow and Wednesday from 9 to 3.  The Curris Center is on Chestnut Street. Schedule an appointment at

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morning cram [bye les edition]

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Leslie Nielsen was someone who said unfunny things in an unfunny way, and for some reason, people laughed.

~NPR remembers the comic actor, who died Sunday.

KENTUCKY~ MSU’s grad rate soars over all (except UK). A Calloway County teen is dead after a hunting rifle misfired. No one injured in a 5-car I-24 wreck. McCracken County’s Clerk wants more voting booths and the Judge Executive is coming under fire for using a public vehicle for personal business. Police arrest 3 on methlab, drug and stolen property charges. Cut your own free x-mas tree in LBL this month. A report looks at what would happen if the state diversified its energy portfolio. It’s Cyber Monday, so be careful of your online identity when making those click-buys. UofL announces a winner of its prestigious musical comp award.

ILLINOIS~ Deer hunters killed +68k deer in one weekend.

SPORTS~ (Men’s Basketball) MSU > Stanford, but MSU lost to UNLV & OSU. Oakland > APSU > Charleston Southern. UTM < Lipscomb. (Women’s Basketball) MSU < UK & LA-L. APSU < SIU-E & SIU-C.

Written by Chris Taylor

November 29, 2010 at 9:18 am

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