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The problem with election night returns

Murray, KY ~ While many folks are glad the election is over and done with, in most of Kentucky anyway, many of us can relate to searching for results online – hitting that web browser refresh button over and over again. During Kentucky Education Television’s coverage on election night, former Courier Journal political writer Al Cross and former Kentucky Democratic Party Chair Jennifer Moore criticized the Commonwealth’s election returns website, saying it was under-performing. Since the media tends to be the public’s main conduit for race results, Chris Taylor delves into the process of how vote totals are reported on election night…
An Islamic Space in Mayfield 

Mayfield, KY ~ It was Deja vu today in Mayfield when the Zoning board met in their regular session. The board was set to consider a conditional use permit for an Islamic prayer space near the city’s downtown. It was the same application they voted to deny over two months ago. As Angela Hatton reports, the American Civil Liberties Union appealed that decision and called for a redo.

Pseudoephedrine Sparks Stalemate: the Debate Around Regulating a Meth Ingredient 

Murray, KY ~ The tinny sound of automatic doors accompanies a trip to pick up medicine at a local pharmacy chain. Cold and flu season is here accompanied by commercials from big-name pharmacies encouraging the public to stock up on medicine even before falling ill. One decongestant drug on many lists is Sudafed. Next year, however, the din of automatic doors could be replaced with the subtle flutter of magazine pages in a doctor’s waiting room.

Author of Time and the River, remembering WWII
Murray, KY ~ This past Thursday, Americans celebrated Veterans Day. This remembrance of the country’s 25 million servicemen and women who survived their wars began in World War One’s aftermath and took its final form in 1954, when US President Dwight Eisenhower, himself a veteran of the First and Second World Wars, signed the first Veterans Day proclamation. Michael Freeland is an adjunct professor at Austin Peay State University. He’s also a veteran and is the author of Blood River to Berlin, a memoir of his time in the 82nd Airborne in World War Two’s European Theatre. His new book, Time and the River, has just come out and he joined us in the studio to talk about the new book and the war-time experiences that shaped it.
Paducah, KY ~ On November 1st, a B-17G Flying Fortress dubbed “Aluminum Overcast” flew into Paducah’s Barkley Regional Airport. Mark Welch climbed aboard for a brief media flight and offers this audio postcard.
Audubon State Park receives national award  

Henderson, KY ~ John James Audubon State Park in Henderson has earned a national honor. The park was one of only five organizations nationwide to receive the National Recreation and Park Association Dorothy Mullen Arts and Humanities Award. Kim McGrew is the park’s arts educator and the driving force behind the reason for the award: the annual Arts & Music Festival for special-needs children. She joins Jacque Day for this discussion.

(Commentary) Beware the Jabberwock: Tea Party and Small Government  

Murray, KY ~ Commentator Constance Alexander takes issue with Kentucky senator-elect Rand Paul’s stance on limiting the government’s role in creating jobs.

True Eloquence, One Veterans Story  

Mayfield, KY ~ Retired U.S. Air Force Major Charley Buntin of Mayfield says he’s no hero, just an aircraft mechanic who somehow became an officer and did his part. In his commentary for Veterans Day he says many others did their part too, and one man in particular deserves his story told.

Questions raised about passport audit

Frankfort, KY ~ Kentucky’s largest state contract is with a non-profit corporation providing medical services to Medicaid recipients in the Louisville area. But as Kentucky Public Radio’s Tony McVeigh reports, a scathing state audit raises serious questions about the contract.


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November 12, 2010 at 12:13 pm

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