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Dave Jackson Speaks on Becoming New Madisonville Mayor
Madisonville, KY ~ In another Upset in Madisonville Incumbent Democratic Mayor Will Cox lost by 72 votes to Republican David Jackson. Hopkins County Voters mostly followed a national trend to send Republicans to office.
Incumbent State Senator Jerry Rhoads lost his home county but carried Ohio and Muhlenburg to Win Re-election. David Schmoll speaks with Mayor Elect David Jackson about his win and plans for the office.
A conversation with Mayfield’s first female mayor, Teresa Cantrell
Mayfield, KY ~ Two weeks ago, we brought you a story on the tensions among Mayfield voters over that city’s mayoral contest. Those tensions were in stark contrast to the actual conduct of the candidates themselves. The results are in now and the voters have elected long-time mayor’s aide Teresa Cantrell to the city’s top post. She defeated incumbent Mayor Arthur Byrn by almost a thousand votes. Cantrell will be Mayfield’s first female mayor and she joins on the line now from her office in Mayfield.
Voting in America: A Conversation with Professor Martin Battle
Murray, KY ~ Voter turnout in this year’s midterm elections was high compared to recent years. In Kentucky, just under half the registered voters made it out to the polls. Though high for American standards, less than half is not high compared to many democracies in the rest of the world. Reporter Rebecca Feldhaus sat down with British-born Murray State Political Science Professor Dr. Martin Battle to discuss a larger perspective on American voting.
New CPR Method Eliminates Rescue Breathing
Murray, KY ~ CPR, the acronym for Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation, is one of the most common rescue techniques taught in the United States. The American Heart Association trains more than 12 million people annually in CPR. If you’ve ever taken a CPR class, you were probably taught to give a steady cycle of air and chest compressions. But new research suggests focusing on chest compressions only is more likely to save lives. That could lead to a shift in the way we learn CPR.
KY Film Cannonball Showing in River’s Edge Festival
Paducah, KY ~ The sixth annual River’s Edge Film Festival is happening in Paducah through Sunday. Festival-goers can see independent films from around the world in local venues.
One of the entries this year is Cannonball- a film conceived and shot in Danville, Kentucky. Rose Krzton-Presson speaks with the film’s writer, director and producer Scott Stafford.
Professor Weigh-Ins on Doctors’ Relationship to Drug Companies
Louisville, KY ~ NPR and ProPublica recently aired a series of stories called “Dollars for Docs.” The stories centered around a database that compiled the names of over 17,000 physicians who had taken money from prescription drug companies. The list includes a number of doctors in our region. Angela Hatton speaks with University of Louisville Chair of Family Medicine and Medical Humanism Dr. David Doukas, about the difficulties of keeping industry and medicine separate.

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November 5, 2010 at 4:09 pm

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