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County: Obion

Number of Precincts Reporting: 12

City of Samburg


Eddie Fickle (I): 74

Juni Fickle (I): 71

Johnie L. Johnson (I): 63

Gerald M. Reed (I): 69

Write In: 58

City of Troy

Alderman (Vote 5)

Deanna A. Chappell (I): 288

Billy Gene Gurien, Sr. (I): 239

Hoyt Sampson (I): 282

Lew Solmon (I): 244

Ralph A. Wheatley (I): 250

Jesse K. Whitesides (I): 232

City of Kenton


Virginia N. Davidson (I): 166

John Maughan (I): 56

Write In: 1

Alderman (Vote 6)

Delores Agee (I): 149

Angie Ellis Choate (I): 111

Tim Johns (I): 140

Libby Simpson Penland (I): 62

Faye Sharp (I): 172

Wade Simpson (I): 130

Sarah E. Skinner (I): 144

Susan R. Taylor (I): 95

Jimmy “Jim” Temple (I): 110

City Judge

Charles Crouson (I) Uncontested

City of Obion


Jamie Evans (I): 151

Glen Parnell (I): 192

Write In: 2

City of Union City

City Councilman Ward 1

Gerald Cox (I): 130

Danny Leggett (I): 197

Councilman (Vote 6)

Patsy Barker (I): 269

W. Polk Glover (I): 245

Mike Miller (I): 224

Renee Webber (I): 199

Write In: 91

Uncontested City Races

City of Union City

City Councilman Ward 4

Judy Robinson (I) Uncontested:

City of Woodland Mills

Tom Menees (I) Uncontested:

Kenton City Judge

Charles Crouson (I) Uncontested:

City of Troy


Jimmie C. Hart (I) Uncontested: 138

City of South Fulton

City Commissioner Ward 2

Tony Perry (I) Uncontested: 42


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November 2, 2010 at 1:48 pm

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