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Number of Precincts Reporting: 12

County Races:


Joe F. Campbell (R): 793

Pete Morgan (D): 1337

Magistrates (2nd District)

Kenneth Edmainston (R): 278

George A. Jones (D): 450

City Races

Mayor: Fulton

Robert D. “Dan” Voegeli: 342

Elaine Forrester: 349

City Commissioners: Fulton (Vote 4)

Mike Farmer: 456

Martha Poe Vowell: 418 

David S. Prater Jr.: 458

Alex Noffel, Jr.: 363

Jeff Vaughn: 492

Mayor: Hickman

Charles R. Murphy: 256

Justin D Lane: 95

Matthew “Matt” Bing: 213

City Commissioners: Hickman (Vote 4)

Charles Choate: 280

Barbara J. Yandal: 256

Roger Adams: 257

David Lattus: 312

Phillip Williams: 297

Jim Somerfield: 199

John W. Gannon: 236

Uncontested County Races

Judge Executive

David Gallagher (D) Uncontested

County Attorney

Richard L. “Rick” Major (D) Uncontested 


Betty T. Abernathy (D) Uncontested


Robert “Bobby” Hopper Uncontested 


Matt Moss (D) Uncontested

District Judge

Hunter B. Whitesell II Uncontested 

Constable (1st District)

Fred Fahl (D) Uncontested

Constable (2nd District)

Douglas Bradley (D) Uncontested 

Constable (3rd District)

Bobby J. Johnson (D) Uncontested 

Constable (4th District)

Maurice Dunn (D) Uncontested

Magistrates (1st District)

Billy “Bubba” Nelms Jr. (D) Uncontested 

Magistrates (3rd District)

James D. Black Uncontested

Magistrates (4th District)

Henry L. Callison Uncontested



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November 2, 2010 at 1:51 pm

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