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2010 Tennessee House / Judicial

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Updated 10:15 PM

67th District (Clarksville)

Joe Pitts (D) 5387 (Incumbent)
Neil Revlett (R) 4750

75th District (Henry, Stewart, Benton)

Tim Wirgau (R) 10115
Willie Borchert (D) 7722 (Incumbent)

76th District (Weakley, Carroll)

Andrew Holt (R) 5442
Mark Maddox (D) 4377 (Incumbent)

77th District (Obion)

Bill Sanderson (R) 8225
Judy Barker (D) 7939 (Incumbent)

78th District (West Montgomery)

Phillip Johnson (R) 10697 (Incumbent)
Danny Twork  (D) 4307


Written by Chris Taylor

November 2, 2010 at 11:10 am

Posted in Elections

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