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2010 Kentucky House / Senate / Judicial

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House Races

1st District (Ballard, Hickman, Fulton, West McCracken)

Steven Rudy (R) – 3984
Mike Lawrence (D) – 2901

4th District:  (Livingston, Crittenden, Caldwell)

Lynn Bechler (R) – 4373
Mike Cherry (D) – 7785

5th District (Calloway, Trigg)

Melvin Henley (D) – 3013
Corey McBee (R) –  1957

6th District (Marshall, Lyon)

Monti Collins (R) – 6834
Willie Coursey (D) – 8542

10th District (Hopkins County)

Mike Duncan (D) – 5284
Ben Waide (R) – 6887

2nd District (Graves, Southern McCracken)

Uncontested: Fred Nesler (D) – 10486

3rd District (Paducah)

Uncontested: Brent Housman (R) – 8158

12th District State Representative (Webster, McLean, Hopkins [part])

Uncontested: Jim Gooch, Jr., D – 7682

15th District State Representative (Muhlenberg, Christian [part], Hopkins [part])

Uncontested: Brent Yonts, D – 8288

Senate Races

2nd District: (Ballard, McCracken, Marshall)

Mike East (R) – 3390
Bob Leeper (I) – 17606
Rex Smith (D) – 16657

6th District (Hopkins, Muhlenburg, Ohio)

Jerry Rhoads  (D) – 17344
Jack Whitfield, Jr. (R) – 15580

4th District Senator (Livingston, Caldwell, Crittenden, Union, Webster, Henderson)

Uncontested: J. Dorsey Ridley, D – 26304

Judicial Races

4th Judicial District, 2nd Division (Hopkins)

Bill Whitledge – 7068

Chris Oglesby – 6385

4th Judicial District, 1st Division (Hopkins)

Uncontested: Logan Calvert – 10907

42nd District Judge (Calloway)

Randall Hutchens (I) – 5411

Jeanne Carroll – 3822

56th District Judge, 2nd Division (Trigg, Lyon, Caldwell)

Uncontested: Jill Clarks – 8978

56th District Judge, 1st Division (Trigg, Lyon, Caldwell)

Uncontested: James R. Redd III – 10018

Commonwealth’s Attorney 42nd Judicial District (Calloway, Marshall)

Uncontested: Mark Blankenship, D – 16706


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November 2, 2010 at 11:05 am

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