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2010 Election Returns

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2010 Elections results for the WKMS listening region:


Kentucky US Senate                               (% Voted)

Jack Conway (D)  – 44%
Rand Paul (R) – 56%

Illinois US Senate                                  (% Voted)

Alexi Giannoulias (D) – 46%
Mark Kirk (R) – 48%

Illinois Governor                                   (% Voted)

Bill Brady (R) – 46%
Pat Quinn (D) – 46%

Tennessee Governor                              (% Voted)

Bill Haslam (R) – 65%
Mike McWherter (D) -33%

Tennessee 8th District US Congress       (% Voted)

Stephen Fincher (R) – 59%
Roy Herron (D) – 39%

Kentucky 1st District US Congress       (% Voted)

Charles Hatchett (D) -29%
Ed Whitfield (R) – 71%

State Races (by District)

Kentucky House / Senate / Judicial
Tennessee House / Judicial

Kentucky City/County Elections

Ballard County
Caldwell County
Calloway County
Christian County
Crittenden County
Fulton County
Graves County
Hopkins County
Livingston County
Marshall County
McCracken County
Trigg County

Tennessee City/County Elections

Henry County
Montgomery County
Obion County
Stewart County
Weakley County

Illinois City/County Elections

Massac County


Written by Chris Taylor

November 2, 2010 at 11:00 am

Posted in Elections

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