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morning cram [steampunk edition]

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If you aren’t familiar with Steampunk, it’s a romanticized version of the Victorian era, where things are just cooler. It’s “Adventure, Romance, & Mad Science!”

~NPR‘s blog The Two Way asks: Has the genre forgotten the meaning of the word Dickensian?

KENTUCKY~ Take your young’n trick or treatin’. An apartment complex fire in Paducah displaces several families. KLC & KAoC leaders say, “Hey! We’re much more open now.” One Hopkinsville Police officer resigns and another suspended after taking a drunken joyride with a handcuffed female companion. State tax collections are looking better. Jack keeps assailing Rand over the ‘scuffle video’.

TENNESSEE~ The University of Tennessee’s next president visits the Martin campus. The city of Clarksville almost did something illegal. McWherter and Haslam stump in each other’s territory.

ILLINOIS~ Massac County’s jobless rates are lower, but so is its workforce.


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