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100% of Precincts Reporting

County Races:

Constable (1st District)

Steve Bard (D): 1917

J.W. Davis (I): 937

Write In: Rodger Hudson: 52

Constable (3rd District)

Danny L. Cope (R): 2033

David O. Owens (D): 1602

City Races

City Council: Calvert City (Vote 6)

Tim Hawkins: 580

R. Daryl Smith: 602

Gene Colburn: 613

Robert “Bob” Futrell: 615

Richard “Dr. Rick” Cocke: 621

Kevin B. Stokes: 595

City Council: Benton (Vote 6)

Chris Freeland: 1112

Stanley “Butch” Holland: 1075

Charles Edmonds: 1060

Rita Dotson: 1115

Glen Brewer: 1080

Tim King: 1131

City Council: Hardin (Vote 6)

Rebecca L. Henderson: 99

Doug Hon: 100

William E. “Bill” Elkins: 104

Stacey Brewer: 102

Dawn R. Hopkins: 100

Donnie Ray Birdsong: 101

Uncontested County Races

Constable (2nd District)

Barry K. Darnall (D) Uncontested:

County Attorney

Jeffery G. Edwards (D) Uncontested:


Mitchell R. Lee (D) Uncontested:


Carla Marshall (D) Uncontested:

Magistrates (1st District)

Jerome “Hoppy” Hicks (D) Uncontested:

Magistrates (2nd District)

Write In:

Magistrates (3rd District)

Write In:


Tony Alan Henson (D) Uncontested:


R. Kevin Byars (D) Uncontested:

Judge Executive

Mike Miller (D) Uncontested:

District Judge:

Jack M. Telle Uncontested:

Uncontested City Races

Mayor: Hardin

Randal L. Scott (D) Uncontested:

Mayor: Benton

Steve Cary (D) Uncontested:

Mayor: Calvert City

Lynn Jones Uncontested:


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October 28, 2010 at 1:02 pm

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