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Number of precincts reporting, 0 of 40

Absentee ballot results are posted at the link here.

Final results are available at this link.


County Judge-Executive

Donnie Carroll (I), D –

Jeffrey Oakley, R –

County Attorney

Todd P’Pool (I), R

John C. Whitfield, D

Property Valuation Administrator

Uncontested: Margaret Brown, D

County Clerk

Uncontested: Devra Steckler


Uncontested: Frank Latham


Uncontested: Joe Blue, D


Uncontested: Dennis H. Mayfield, D

County Surveyor

Uncontested: Thomas Crabtree, D

Magistrate, District 3

Christopher H. Toney, R

Tim Riggs (I), D

Magistrate, District 5

Shaun Roberts, R

Wilma S. Rogers (I), D

Billy N. Parrish, I

Magistrate, District 6

Danny Byrum, R

Charlie G. Beshears, D

Magistrate, District 7

Rupert Furgerson, R

Maurice Wilson, D

Rick Stevens Hovis, I

Magistrate, District 1

Uncontested: Karol Welch, D

Magistrate, District 2

Uncontested: William “Bill” Groves, D

Magistrate, District 4

Uncontested: Larry E. Wilson, D

Constable, District 1

Uncontested: Robin Duke, D

Constable, District 2

Uncontested: Darrel Ray Todd, D

Constable, District 3


Constable, District 4


Constable, District 5

Uncontested: Thomas Oldham, D

Constable, District 6

Uncontested: Mike Todd, D

Constable, District 7

Uncontested: David Anderson, D


City of Madisonville

David Jackson, R –

Will Cox (I), D–

Madisonville City Council, Ward 3

Raymond Marion, Jr., D

John Stewart, Sr., I

Madisonville City Council, Ward 5

Bob Simmons (I), D

Rick Campbell, R

Madisonville City Council, Ward 1

Uncontested: Dallas Cunningham, D

Madisonville City Council, Ward 2

Uncontested: Rudy G. Stone, D

Madisonville City Council, Ward 4

Uncontested: Hannah Miner Myers, D

Madisonville City Council, Ward 6

Uncontested: Billy H. Smith, D

Dawson Springs Mayor (Nonpartisan)

Ross Workman (I)

Jeremy Beshear Sewell

Dawson Springs City Council (Nonpartisan) – Six Elected

Rick Hendrickson

Rhonda C. Mills

Ray Bochert

Cheryl K. Tosh

Kenny Ray Mitchell

Billy Austin West

Rick Bennett

Ronnie Hensley

Chasidy Chappell

Kenny “Bebop” Thomas

Earlington Mayor (Nonpartisan)

Mike Seiber (I)

Wayne “Roho” Mitchell

Steve Everly

Earlington City Council (Nonpartisan) – Six Elected

Philip R. Hunt –

Ricky D. Hughes –

Jim Hicks –

Danny B. Knott –

Wanda Wilson –

Thomas “Dave” Jones, Jr. –


Hanson Mayor (Nonpartisan)

Paul M. Shaffer

Charles Young (I)

Hanson City Commissioners (Nonpartisan) – Four Elected

Jerome LeCornu

Jimmie G. Daniel

Harold Gregory

Joe Haywood


Mortons Gap Mayor

John Thorpe

Frank Stafford (I)

Mortons Gap City Council (Nonpartisan) – Six Elected

Clarence Tudor –

Chris Phelps –

Peggy Harvey –

Linus N. Schwagel –

James Lee Sharber –

Frank Payton –

Betty Oglesby-Winfree

Nebo City Commissioners (Nonpartisan) – Four Elected

James Edward Kelley –

Paul Tapp –

Marty W. Lantrip –


Nebo Mayor (Nonpartisan)

Uncontested: Wayne Kelley

Nortonville Mayor (Nonpartisan)

Barry L. Merrill

James L. Noel (I)

Jimmy W. Moore

Nortonville City Council (Nonpartisan) – Six Elected

Carroll Doug Grace –

Marshall Lee –

Jim Walker –

Michael W. Jarvis –

Jesse J. McGary –


St. Charles Mayor (Nonpartisan)


St. Charles City Commissioners – Four Elected





White Plains Mayor (Nonpartisan)

Michael Williams

Ray Scott

Mike Martin (I)

White Plains City Commissioners (Nonpartisan) – Four Elected

Devon Dunlap

Lawrence Williams

Jeffry R. Crick

Janice Dunlap

Cindy Hughlett

David Dunlap

Susie Martin

J. T. Clark

Shirley Dunlap

Carl L. Lyell

Written by Angela Hatton

October 28, 2010 at 1:00 pm

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