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State Senate

Rex Smith- 1469

Bob Leeper- 1383

State House

Steven Jack Rudy- 1873

Mike Lawrence- 1242

County Races

Judge Executive

Vickie Viniard (I) – uncontested


(District 1)

Larry Cooper (I) – uncontested

(District 2)

Bob Renfrow (I) – uncontested

(District 3)

Martin Flournoy (I) – uncontested

(District 4)

Steve Cooper (I) – uncontested

(District 5)

Dee Hazelwood – uncontested

County Attorney

Vicki Hayden (I) – uncontested

Property Valuation Administrator

Anita Campbell- uncontested


Lynn Lane (I) – uncontested


(District 2)

Jeremy Renfrow- uncontested

(Districts 1, 3, 4, 5)

No candidates listed


Bob Morrow- uncontested


Todd Cooper (I) – uncontested

District Judge

Keith Myers (I) – uncontested

City Races



David Whipple- 12

Martha Pennebaker- 93

Herby Vance (I) – 78

James Winnans Sr.- 10


John Wood (I) – uncontested


Charles Burnley (I) – uncontested


Jamie Hack (I) – uncontested
City Council


Judy Hall- uncontested

Suzanne Allen (I) – uncontested

Thomas Wallace Sr.- uncontested

George Lane- uncontested

David Phillips (I) – uncontested

Chan Case- uncontested


Written by Rose K-P

October 28, 2010 at 12:53 pm

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