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Death Penalty Protocol in Kentucky
Frankfort, KY ~ Kentucky reinstituted the death penalty in 1976. Since then, we’ve executed three people, two of whom volunteered. But in that same time, the state Supreme Court has reversed 43 death sentences. The head of Kentucky’s Department of Public Advocacy thinks that’s too high. The DPA calls the state’s judicial system broken, and says a moratorium is needed on all executions until the system undergoes a thorough eval uation. Angela Hatton has more on the accelerating death penalty law debate.
An interview with Olympic medalist Jackie Joyner-Kersee
Murray, KY ~ This week six time Olympic medalist and philanthropist Jackie Joyner-Kersee spoke to Murray State Students. Kersee met with Dr. Bob Long’s Youth and Non-Profit Leadership classes to discuss her work with youth in her home town of East St. Louis. Rebecca Feldhaus sat down with Kersee just outside the auditorium to discuss her views on athletics, education and philanthropy.
The Race for Murray Mayor
Murray, KY ~ With all the mud-slinging going on in national politics, many attendees of this week’s Chamber of Commerce-hosted Murray Mayoral debate say the tone of the event was a pleasant change of pace. Candidates Butch Seargent and Bill Wells discussed their viewpoints and even had a few laughs. After hearing from colleagues and constituents, some wonder the difference this race will make in Murray. Rebecca Feldhaus has the story.
The Q&A – Ky 5th State House Dist. incumbent Melvin Henley
Murray, KY ~ Kentucky’s 5th State House District encompasses all of Calloway County and part of Trigg. This year, the incumbent is facing a challenge from Republican Corey McBee. That incumbent is Democrat Melvin Henley, who has served in Frankfort since 2005, and who joins us in the studio for this week’s “Q&A.”
Film critic Larry Thomas reviews “Mao’s Last Dancer”
Paducah, KY (2010-10-22)This week’s feature at Paducah’s Maiden Alley Cinema is Mao’s Last Dancer. It’s based on the best-selling autobiography of a Chinese boy plucked from poverty and set on the road to international fame. Larry Thomas reviews Mao’s Last Dancer.
An update on Tennessee’s 8th District U.S. House Race
Nashville, TN ~ If congressional campaigns are measured by fundraising and TV ads, Tennessee’s 8th District is the most competitive in the state. On one side, Roy Herron is a long-time state legislator, a former Methodist minister and a big outdoorsman. The Republican nominee, Stephen Fincher, has zero political experience, no voting record, yet plenty of supporters ready to give the GOP a try.
Profiling Mayfield’s Hotly Contested Mayoral Race
Mayfield, KY ~ It’s probably the hottest mayoral race to hit the Pearl of the Purchase’ since well ever. It’s a historic election which could see Mayfield’s first woman elected as mayor in a race pitting Incumbent Arthur Byrn against his longtime Executive Assistant Teresa Cantrell in an inner-office battle for his seat. One might think the subject would be the talk of the town, and it may be, but as Chris Taylor discovers, political polarity may be keeping many in the Pearl’ clammed shut and watching what

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October 22, 2010 at 3:21 pm

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