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morning cram [touring space edition]

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If your idea of the perfect vacation is a ride into space in the morning and some scuba diving in the afternoon, there’s good news.

~NPR reports a Netherlands-based company hopes to offer space rides from a spaceport in the Antilles by 2014.

KENTUCKY~ Another poll puts Rand ahead of Jack and Rand’s wife, Kelly, speaks out about the ‘Aqua Buddha’ commercial. Paducah Police say a Princeton man tried to trade a commercial tractor for pounds of pot (to an undercover officer).

TENNESSEE~ A west Tennessee lawyer is pushing for federal prosecutors to look into US Representative candidate Stephen Fincher’s finances. Nashville looks to crowdsource flood recovery ideas with a new website. Clarksville Police charge a man with forcing an autistic child to exercise for 45 minutes (while allegedly threatening to run him over with an ATV).

ILLINOIS~ Cairo Schools will receive $3.6m for an expansion at Emerson Elementary.


Written by Chris Taylor

October 21, 2010 at 9:33 am

Posted in The Morning Cram

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