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Folks are milling around here at the Food, Fuel, and Society Conference, drinking coffee, and chowing down on some breakfast bagels and fruit.

So far, I’ve met Donna Vestal, editor of Harvest Public Media. Harvest is a consortium of six member stations focusing on issues related to agriculture. They’re brand new. Only a few months old, according to Vestal. They’re working with a small staff on a grant from the Corporation for Public Broadcasting. Their two-year goal is to be self-sufficient. Their goal at this conference is to make connections and build their mission for reporting in the future. Check out their Facebook page.

I’ve also met Dave Swenson, an economist from the University of Iowa. He’ll be at this morning’s breakout session, “Biofuels or Bust.” (Still time to get your questions in, *nudge* *nudge*.) Swenson said he plans to talk about some of the problems in developing biofuels. Basically, he said, even though develop seems to be moving forward in states, including Kentucky, innovation is stagnant.

Looking forward to meeting new people and bringing back some good ideas to the WKMS newsroom.

You can watch this morning’s sessions (including the keynote with Ira Flatow) and check out the live blog here.


Written by Angela Hatton

October 12, 2010 at 8:31 am

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  1. Missouri’s Democratic 8th District Congressional Candidate Brett Sowers mentioned last night during a debate that his district is like the Saudi Arabia for trees. He wondered why there aren’t any major biomass productions in his district. I’d be darn interested to learn more about biomass production in our part of the country. What would they yield? Does the effort justify the outcome? Would we lose all of our “treescape” if we adopted this biomass alternative energy model?


    October 12, 2010 at 9:52 am

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