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The Perfect Butterfly: Nature Photography in the LBL 
Golden Pond, KY ~ Artist and ornithologist John James Audubon is famous for capturing and preserving images from nature. The development of film made that job easier for those after Audubon. Now digital cameras bring higher resolution to the field, allowing for ever more life-like and unique photographs. Officials at Land Between the Lakes showcase the lakes area with a photo contest. Finding that prize winning picture takes persistence and patience.

Candidate Profile: Corey McBee, running for 5th District Representative 
Murray, KY ~ On The Q&A this week, we’re beginning our series of discussions with the area’s incumbents and challengers for public office this fall Today, we’re speaking with Corey McBee. He’s the Republican Calloway County native taking on incumbent Democratic Representative Melvin Henley for the 5th District seat, which includes Calloway County and part of Trigg. The recent Murray State graduate is also 24-years-old, which means, if elected, McBee would be the youngest-ever Kentucky state representative.

PGDP workers, family, citizens respond to study 
Paducah, KY ~ About a hundred people turned out to WKCTC’s Emerging Technology Center Wednesday to hear the results of the first definitive study about mortality patterns among Paducah Gaseous Diffusion Plant workers. The audience included former plant workers, spouses and concerned citizens seeking answers about the long-term effects of exposure to radiation and toxic metals. Jacque Day attended the session, and brings us this report.

Business Incubation Project could bolster Trigg County economy 
Cadiz, KY ~ Cadiz business owner Cher Loose considers herself lucky to be among those owners who have kept their doors open during the recent recession. As part of the Cadiz Merchants Association, she is very supportive of the new initiatives through the Business Incubation Projects of Western Kentucky. Rebecca Feldhaus has this story on how two new business projects could bring Trigg County’s unemployment rate closer to pre-recession levels.

Interview with NPR’s Michele NorrisMurray, KY ~ When NPR’s Michele Norris joined her uncle for breakfast during a stopover in Chicago, she learned something about her father that would transform her memory. Norris set out on a journey through her own family’s racial roots and secrets, and the search became the basis of her book The Grace of Silence. Our correspondent Jacque Day spoke with Norris, who realized she couldn’t fully understand how other people talked about race until she understood how her own family dealt with it.

Good turn-out for 2nd public hearing on Instant Racing Lexington, KY ~ The Red Mile, a standard-bred horse track in Lexington, was the site of Kentucky’s 2nd public hearing on Instant Racing. Kentucky Public Radio’s Tony McVeigh says, unlike the 1st hearing, this one drew quite a crowd.

Getting to the World Equestrian Games
Lexington, KY ~ Before you can take in all of the competitions and exhibits at the World Equestrian Games, you first have to GET to the Horse Park. Kentucky Public Radio’s Brenna Angel rode the bus out there this past week and has this report.


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October 1, 2010 at 11:45 am

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