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The Front Page [10.29.10]

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The Paducah Witch Burning Legend
Paducah, KY~ In honor of Halloween, we’ll finish today’s program with a mysterious and rather unusual story from western Kentucky’s past. It’s the tale of our area’s one, and so far only, witch-burning.
The Q&A – Paducah Sun’s Bill Bartleman retires after 40 years
Paducah, KY ~ Bill Bartleman has been reporting on Kentucky politics for The Paducah Sun for almost forty years, and now he’s announced his retirement. On the Q&A this week, Kentucky Public Radio Capitol Bureau Chief Tony McVeigh sits down with Bartleman to look back over his career and get his perspective on where the journalism profession is today.
Chambers Dish Out Dollars in this Election Cycle
Murray, KY ~ The US Chamber of Commerce has been in the news a lot recently, defending themselves against allegations of using foreign money in this campaign cycle, including funding political candidates. But where exactly does the US Chamber receive their Political Action money? David Schmoll clears up the role of local chambers of commerce in the waning days of the election cycle.
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October 29, 2010 at 3:55 pm

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Datebook – October 29, 2010

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It’s Friday, October 29

Mayfield’s 13th Annual Scarecrow Run starts and finishes at the Mayfield Graves County YMCA tomorrow.  $25 Registration for the 5 K Run opens at 8 a.m. at the Y, at 1545 Cuba Road.  The Run starts at 9 and the fun run walk starts at 9:45.  Proceeds go to the YMCA.

There’s a Civil War Encampment in Grand Rivers tomorrow and Sunday with activities starting at 11 both days.

Join Cancer Survivors who love to exercise in the 2nd Annual Halloween Hustle to benefit Murray State’s Exercise and Cancer Recovery program.  $20 Registration is between 9 and 9:30 tomorrow morning at the CFSB Center Section B for the 5K Run and Family Fun Walk Starting at 10.  There’s a Trick or Treat event for kids at 10:30 for which registration is $10.

Memorial Baptist Church’s Fall Bazaar for Missions is tomorrow from 7 a.m. to 1 p.m. at the church at 10th and Main in Murray.  Baked goods, craft items, attic treasures, a coffeehouse and more.

Enjoy a beautiful weekend and keep up with us at

morning cram [steampunk edition]

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If you aren’t familiar with Steampunk, it’s a romanticized version of the Victorian era, where things are just cooler. It’s “Adventure, Romance, & Mad Science!”

~NPR‘s blog The Two Way asks: Has the genre forgotten the meaning of the word Dickensian?

KENTUCKY~ Take your young’n trick or treatin’. An apartment complex fire in Paducah displaces several families. KLC & KAoC leaders say, “Hey! We’re much more open now.” One Hopkinsville Police officer resigns and another suspended after taking a drunken joyride with a handcuffed female companion. State tax collections are looking better. Jack keeps assailing Rand over the ‘scuffle video’.

TENNESSEE~ The University of Tennessee’s next president visits the Martin campus. The city of Clarksville almost did something illegal. McWherter and Haslam stump in each other’s territory.

ILLINOIS~ Massac County’s jobless rates are lower, but so is its workforce.

Trigg County

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County: Trigg

No. of Precincts Reporting: 14





Lyn Bailey (I): 594

James “Bobby” Britt: 235

City Council

Regina Jasper: 494

Jim Lancaster: 449

Susan Bryant: 585

Manuel Brown: 519

Todd King: 686

Cindy Sholar: 445

Bob Noel: 572

Frankie Phillips: 521



Judge Executive

Stan Humphries (R) (I): 4,372

Linda Humbert (D): 1,322

County Attorney

Randall Braboy (D): 3,832

H. B. Quinn (D) (I) Write-In: tbd


Ray Burnam II (R): 3,492

Randy K. Clark (D) (I): 2,239


Glenda Williamson (R): 1,837

Michael Bryan (D) (I): 3,747


District 1


Steven G. Darnall (R): 271

Mike Wright (D): 556


Mark W. Carr (R): 503

George Zering (D): 253

District 2


Barry Littlejohn (R): 583

Hugh Dunn (D): 432

District 4


Michael Hyde (R): 232

Jeff Broadbent (D): 419


Rick Burgess (R): 290

Ronnie Hutchinson (D): 287

District 5


Richard Nelson (R): 512

Tom Ledford (D): 421


No candidates

Uncontested County Races:


Wanda Thomas (D) (I): 4,773

District 2


Joseph White (D)

District 3


Jon Goodwin (R): 464


George Colbert Jr. (R): 393


No candidates

District 6


Larry Lawrence (D): 698


Dennis Whitten (D): 592

District 7


Donnie Tyler (D): 619


Jason J. JOHNSON Jr.: tbd (write-in)


James E. Hughes (D) (I): 4,575


John Mark Vinson (D) (I): 4,726

County Surveyor

Randle G. Cruse (D) (I): 4,328

District Judge, 56th District, Division 1: Non-Partisan Judicial Ballot

James Redd III: 4,592

District Judge, 56th District, Division 2: Non-Partisan Judicial Ballot

Jill Clark: 4,022

Written by Jacque E. Day

October 28, 2010 at 1:03 pm

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McCracken County

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County: _McCracken

#20 of 54 Precincts Reporting

County Races:


(District 2)

Ricky Box   REP     :Vote #  3194

Tony Veltri        DEM  (I) :Vote # 3281


Jeff Jerrell DEM  (I)  :Vote # 11072

Beck Bowers   WRITE IN    : Vote #

Mark Kidd WRITE IN    : Vote #

City Elections

City: Paducah

City Commission Four Elected

Gayle Kaler   :Vote # 4763

Richard Abraham   : Vote # 4021

Shelley Eugene Keeling   :Vote # 1720

Shirley Trail Lanier    : Vote # 1878

Gerald Watkins   : Vote # 4337

Eric C. Youngblood   : Vote # 1672

Carol Gault   : Vote # 3981


Glenda Janet Ransom  DEM  : Vote # 14559

Uncontested Races


Judge Executive

Van E Newberry DEM  (I)  :Vote # 15276


(District 3)

Scott Wathen    DEM  :Vote # 5231

(Districts 1)

Mark Hayden    DEM   :Vote 4128

County Commissioner

(District 1)

Ronnie J Freeman  DEM  (I)  : Vote # 14655

(District 2)

Jerry Beyer    DEM   (I)  :Vote # 15400

(District 3)

Zana Renfro   DEM  (I)   :Vote # 14772

Commonwealth’s Attorney

(District 2)

Daniel Y. Boaz DEM (I)  :Vote #  16,847

County Attorney

Michael Murphy DEM (I)   :Vote # 14911


Nancy Bock   DEM  (I)  :Vote # 15279


Dan L. Sims  DEM (I)   :Vote 15286


Jon Hayden  DEM  (I)  :Vote # 17248

District Judge:

(District 1)

W.A. Tony Kitchen  (I)  :Vote # 13914

(District 2)

Chris Hollowell  (I)  :Vote # 13812


Bill Adams  DEM  (I)  :Vote # 15654

County Surveyor

Alan C. Robinson   REP   :Vote # 13114

Justice of the Peace

(District 1)

Chester W. Hack Jr.   DEM  :Vote # 4026

(District 2)

Tori Rust Myers    DEM   :Vote # 4343

(District 3)

Larry Hill    DEM   :Vote # 5277

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October 28, 2010 at 1:03 pm

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Marshall County

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100% of Precincts Reporting

County Races:

Constable (1st District)

Steve Bard (D): 1917

J.W. Davis (I): 937

Write In: Rodger Hudson: 52

Constable (3rd District)

Danny L. Cope (R): 2033

David O. Owens (D): 1602

City Races

City Council: Calvert City (Vote 6)

Tim Hawkins: 580

R. Daryl Smith: 602

Gene Colburn: 613

Robert “Bob” Futrell: 615

Richard “Dr. Rick” Cocke: 621

Kevin B. Stokes: 595

City Council: Benton (Vote 6)

Chris Freeland: 1112

Stanley “Butch” Holland: 1075

Charles Edmonds: 1060

Rita Dotson: 1115

Glen Brewer: 1080

Tim King: 1131

City Council: Hardin (Vote 6)

Rebecca L. Henderson: 99

Doug Hon: 100

William E. “Bill” Elkins: 104

Stacey Brewer: 102

Dawn R. Hopkins: 100

Donnie Ray Birdsong: 101

Uncontested County Races

Constable (2nd District)

Barry K. Darnall (D) Uncontested:

County Attorney

Jeffery G. Edwards (D) Uncontested:


Mitchell R. Lee (D) Uncontested:


Carla Marshall (D) Uncontested:

Magistrates (1st District)

Jerome “Hoppy” Hicks (D) Uncontested:

Magistrates (2nd District)

Write In:

Magistrates (3rd District)

Write In:


Tony Alan Henson (D) Uncontested:


R. Kevin Byars (D) Uncontested:

Judge Executive

Mike Miller (D) Uncontested:

District Judge:

Jack M. Telle Uncontested:

Uncontested City Races

Mayor: Hardin

Randal L. Scott (D) Uncontested:

Mayor: Benton

Steve Cary (D) Uncontested:

Mayor: Calvert City

Lynn Jones Uncontested:

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October 28, 2010 at 1:02 pm

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Livingston County

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Number of Precincts Reporting, 10 of 10

Ballot results are below. Unresolved and write-in races will be announced tomorrow morning.

Smithland Liquor by the Drink Referendum

Yes – 81

No – 51



Bobby Davidson, R – 1797

Jim Wilson, D – 1666

Rundels (Write-In) – 557 (unresolved)

Magistrate, District 3

Jimmy “Brent” Ferrell (I), R – 550

Larry E. Barnes, D – 318

County Surveyor



Grand Rivers City Council (Nonpartisan), Six Elected

Pat Gorbett – 147

Oliver “Bud” Hunt – 142

Frank J. Buchanon – 138

Brenda Lady – 142

Dianne Bingham – 139

Randall O’Bryan – 93

Mark A. Stiles – 66

Bill Huffman – 132

Salem City Commissioners (Nonpartisan), Four Elected

Judy Hodge – 184

Jamie James – 161

Stanley C. Wallace – 155

Gary Allen Ivy – 150

Janet Hughes – 236

Barnes (Write-In) – 34

Salem Mayor (Nonpartisan)


Smithland City Commissioners (Nonpartisan), Four Elected

James Terry – 97

William “Bill” Mahan – 97

Melvin “Bubbie” Martin – 99

James “Jim” Woodyard – 110

Carrsville City Council (Nonpartisan), Four Elected






County Races

County Judge Executive

Chris Lasher, D – 86

County Attorney

Bill Norwood Riley, D – 91

County Clerk

Sonya Williams, D – 96

Property Valuation Administrator

Sue Ann Carver, D – 95


Benjamin “Benji” Guill, D – 98


Andrew S. Fox, D – 98

Magistrate, District1

Terry Stringer, D – 7

Magistrate, District 2

Franklin Walker, D – 31

Magistrate, District 4

Marvin Buford, D – 34

Constable, District 1

Dennis Keith Jones, D – 7

Constable, District 2

R. J. Nestle, D – 30

Constable, District 3

Owen Hurley, D – 9

Constable, District 4

Phillip Ramage, D – 55

City Races

Carrsville Mayor (Nonpartisan)

Deana J. Gerding – 19

Smithland Mayor (Nonpartisan)

Joe Ward – 3

Grand Rivers Mayor (Nonpartisan)

Tom Moodie – 11

Written by Angela Hatton

October 28, 2010 at 1:01 pm