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morning cram [cyber battle edition]

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Professional militaries around the world train with the rules of war in mind, recognizing that abiding by them works to their benefit as much as to the enemy’s. So, it’s no surprise many legal experts, diplomats and military commanders are now debating how to extend the law of war to cyberspace.

~NPR reports it’s unclear how existing treaties and conventions would apply in this new domain of conflict.

KENTUCKY~ Paducah could have a new city manager early next month and will pay Greyhound Bus Lines $12k to stay for 5 more years. A h0meless man is under arrest after allegedly stealing frozen chicken from a McCracken County mission. A Calvert City plastics plant will pay $800k in pollution fines. State House Republicans claim if given control in November the legislature would be more responsive and accountable.

TENNESSEE~ Clarksville greenlights revamping 3rd Street to include a bike lane. A plane crashes on Kentucky Lake near Paris Landing leaving pilots unscathed.

ILLINOIS~ The Honeywell nuclear materials plant in Metropolis will require union workers to be re-trained if negotiations ever pan out next month.


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