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Mosque Denied in Mayfield,
ACLU Watches Situation

Mayfield, KY ~ This week, the Mayfield zoning board denied a conditional use permit that would have allowed a mosque in the city’s downtown. This is the first conditional use permit submitted by a religious organization the board has denied. At a public meeting, local residents and business owners cited a lack of parking and traffic controls as their main opposition to the proposal. No member of the Somali Muslims that submitted the application was present. As Angela Hatton reports, the Kentucky branch of the American Civil Liberties Union is keeping an eye on the situation.

MSU’s Dr. Abdul Yarali Reacts to Mayfield’s Mosque Denial

Murray, KY ~ Lack of adequate parking was cited as the reason for Tuesday’s decision to disallow the construction of a mosque in Mayfield. The decision was met by cheers by those in attendance. The news was not applauded by the Muslim community in neighboring Murray; instead deepening concerns that western Kentucky cannot provide an appropriate venue for the growing Muslim community to worship. These concerns are shared by Dr. Abdul Yarali, faculty sponsor of the Muslim Student Organization at Murray State University.

Crashing for Caleb:
One family’s journey to care for their son

Benton, KY ~ Seventeen lawnmowers lined the dirt track at Benton’s H.H. Lovett Park last Saturday. An estimated 300 people showed up in the blazing heat and humidity to support Caleb Baker. He was born a healthy 9-pound-baby. His mother, Beth, says he was a normal, rambunctious little boy. Then, when he was a toddler, his parents began noticing that he was more stubborn than most kids his age. At three, Caleb was diagnosed with a kind of autism called Pervasive Developmental Disorder, Not Otherwise Specified. Beth explains how the family dealt with the news.

Rachel’s Challenge

Calloway County, KY ~ At twelve years old, Calloway County Middle School student Seth Misselli is too young to remember the Columbine massacre. But he’s not too young to feel firsthand the effects of school bullying. After a daytime presentation of Rachel’s Challenge, he returned to the school that evening, with an entourage.

Kentucky preps for World Equestrian Games

Lexington, KY ~ Many changes are underway at the Kentucky Horse Park as the World Equestrian Games draw closer. Brenna Angel reports on the build out taking place in the horse park’s parking lot to welcome and market to WEG spectators.

Film critic Larry Thomas reviews A Winter’s Bone

Paducah, KY ~ This week’s feature at Paducah’s Maiden Alley Cinema is the suspenseful drama Winter’s Bone. Film critic Larry Thomas reviews this taut film; one loaded with dark secrets, and connections to our region.

Kentucky’s doomed race to the top effort

Frankfort, KY ~ Reaction was swift to word that Kentucky has again failed to snare federal Race to the Top dollars. Our Tony McVeigh has been tracking Kentucky’s vigorous, but ultimately doomed, effort for eight months.


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August 27, 2010 at 11:58 am

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