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The Gun Made Me Do It

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John Dillon

Seems the time is right for discussion of the right to bear arms.

It is summertime, after all.

WKMS munitions specialist Chris Taylor is on his second Front Page story in two weeks about firearms, and we have a listed posting about Armed Insurrectionbased upon various comments transmitted via NPR.

As CBS Commentator Andy Rooney would say, “YOU KNOW WHAT I HATE?” Well, it’s the term “gun violence,” as in “four people died in gun violence over the weekend in some town.”

This would imply that the gun has free will; stood up on its own little grip; and aimed and killed people all on its own.  No human provocation or responsibility involved.

Well, if anything can be recommended, it’s to disconnect the firearms from the violence. We are living in a time of anger and hostility — middle fingers thrust high in the air and disrespect for our fellow humans everywhere.

Incivility has hit its high for my lifetime, I attest.

And fear.  Everybody is scared about losing their job or getting ripped off on the Internet, or date-raped. We within culture do not trust each other very much.

Just keep the guns holstered meanwhile. True, some agitated or criminally minded people seek to use them. Also true is that some lawfully-minded people seek protection through them, but given fundamental firearms training, that is their privilege.

MAKE YOU A DEAL: You don’t blame the guns and I won’t blame the multitude of social sins that lead people to misuse them.  Poverty of spirit and usually opportunity.  Neglect of children, which leads to abusive adults.

My gosh! I said it again! “Guns don’t kill people — people kill people.”

Written by JD

July 22, 2010 at 5:06 pm

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