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Album Review: “SO2” by Shinichi Osawa

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Shinichi Osawa’s new album, SO2, is a sugar-coated, break your teeth, take two Tylenol in the morning summertime escapist masterpiece. Well, that’s it for the review. Thanks for reading!

The moment I heard it was released in Japan, I knew I had to have it imported. No stateside worries though, his first album, The One, was eventually released in America and for like half the price, too. Pushing the obligatory hype aside, it’s an album that has something for everyone. The only downside to such ambition is that a timid listener might turn away and an electro purist might be disappointed. An open-minded listener, however, will absolutely love this entire project.

Here’s my breakdown of the songs and album highlights:

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morning cram [solar impulse edition]

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“An experimental solar-powered plane landed safely yesterday after completing its first 24-hour test flight, proving the aircraft can collect enough energy from the sun during the day to stay aloft all night.”

~NPR talks to the Swiss team behind the feat.

KENTUCKY~ 3G is coming (about time) by summer’s end! A West McCracken Fire official was locked out of TVA’s Shawnee Fossil Plant. Boaters foil a Princeton man’s suicide attempt. Preliminary bridge work (across Kentucky/Barkley lakes) will begin later this summer. The state slaps Dotiki Mine operator (Webster County Coal) with a ticket for ignoring regulations that led to 2 cave-in deaths. The Commonwealth’s teachers back Jack. Protesters picket McConnell’s Louisville office because he’s blocking federal jobless benefit extensions.

TENNESSEE~ Montgomery County commissioners will vote next Monday on property tax relief for flood victims. Mike McMherter (Democrat)  is denouncing the federal government’s lawsuit against Arizona‘s new immigration law.