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We Continue to Defile Our Host

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There’s an old expression:
“Don’t excrete where you eat.”

John Dillon

Okay, not rosy imagery. But I am reminded by this week’s audio Front Page that humans continue to make a mess of the planet that hosts them.

Jacque E. Day’s report on pollution of the Ohio river shows this is a widespread and historically entrenched problem. Got some animal or human waste? There’s always a waterway nearby! Then a story about the timber of the Southeastern U.S., somewhat uplifting were it not for the constant drumbeat by real estate developers to hack the land for a buck.

And tie that into the negligence of British Petroleum in the Gulf and we have an argument that humans continue to be poor stewards of the Earth.

Hardly a novel proposition, but one that may wind up killing future generations and making us sick here in the 21st Century. Ever wonder how many cancers and odd diseases are rooted in pollution of our host?

There are obvious answers — we would just prefer not to think about them. Please: Think, as the Front Page has encouraged us to do.

Written by JD

July 4, 2010 at 12:58 pm

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