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Album Review: “Drink the Sea” by The Glitch Mob

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The Glitch Mob’s new album “Drink the Sea” was officially released today (on iTunes, etc.) though they put the whole thing on their web site to listen to beforehand. It’s a two-sided experience, “Drink the Sea.” Depending on your outlook, this album will either drain your soul like a ruthless vampire and then toss you out into a desert wasteland to burn in the sun, or it will make you feel like you are on the winning end of an epic space battle full of laser beams, explosions and of course giant robots.

“Drink the Sea” is in short: brooding, calculating, experimental electronica. It’s one of those albums that needs to be listened to in its entirety to fully appreciate its scope. It’s about as far away from the Top 40 as you can imagine – so if that’s what you’re into go get the new Justin Bieber CD and you’ll do alright.

Click below to read my breakdown of the songs and album highlights.

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Written by Matt Markgraf

May 25, 2010 at 4:09 pm

morning cram (rush edition)

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Rush ‘Army of One‘ Limbaugh.

KY~ Some guy robbed a Paducah payday loan shop. Picky board members have delayed renovating Paducah Tilghman High for two months. Hopkins County’s budget may be getting a bump from grant$. Beshear warns about ‘radical’ Rand. Beshear/Stumbo doubt there’s time to look @ charter schools. U of L researchers OK immunizations for < 1-year-olds. Ag-head Farmer: affected should apply for flood relief.

TN~ Someone vandalized a soldier statue in Martin (again). Lawmakers want to pat Arizona on the back.