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Beverage Wars

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It sounds like a joke. A new political grassroots organization has popped up following the national coverage garnered by The Tea Party movement. It’s called The Coffee Party.

I first read about it in an article from the Washington Post. According to the article, Coffee Party participants want to work toward cooperation in government. They encourage their members to be civically engaged. In other words, they believe in the system, but they want to make sure all the gears are properly spinning. 

The Coffee Party claims to be non-partisan. A statement on their website reads, “We are diverse — ethnically, geographically, politically, in age and in experience.” Though they may try to put themselves in the middle of the political spectrum, The Coffee Party’s indictment of the political stalemate in Congress suggests a more liberal philosophy. But what can you expect of a group started in reaction to The Tea Party’s zealous conservatism?

Started in January of this year as a Facebook fan page, the movement has since branched off to member groups in 44 states. So far, the closest branch in our region is in Clarksville, Tennessee. Louisville, Kentucky, also boasts members of the brewing faction (sorry, couldn’t help myself).  

This Saturday, March 13, The Coffee Party is hosting its first national event. Dubbed simply “National Coffee Party Day,” the event seeks to bring people together to discuss issues they think are important. Attendees have been encouraged to come to a consensus on one issue they believe is the most important, and then take a picture of the group holding a sign naming their issue. Participants plan to hold these brainstorming sessions–how else–over coffee.

One could easily dismiss The Coffee Party as a splash in the pan, but weren’t we equally as dismissive of The Tea Party about a year ago? Neither of these groups may appeal to you, but their importance in shaping the national agenda should not be underestimated.

Written by Angela Hatton

March 9, 2010 at 11:13 am

morning cram (tue$day edition)

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We still need you to pay our (public radio) bills, pretty please. <HERE>

KY~ Ohio river coal barge crash cleaned up. Housman’s vote may see political retribution. McCracken Schools looking to replace superintendent (again). Graves high students win TV award. Hopkins firefighters get name tags. 6-year road plan up for House vote. Should we watch inmates get put down?

TN~ Montgomery County makes it illegal to chain your dog up for longer than half an hour. Fog blamed for killing all those birds in Clarksville.