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Chad’s Take on the Leno, O’Brien, NBC debacle

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Heads Up! This blog isn’t necessarily about regional issues, but I just felt inspired.

Imagine many Thanksgivings ago, with a spoon in hand poised with pie sized eyes and a salivating mouth you are ready for turkey and dressing. Your feet are dangling from a seemingly oversized chair. At this table covered with a red and white checkered table cloth, you are surrounded by brothers, sisters and cousins.  You are in fact at the children’s table. What qualifies you to be at this table? Maybe you slobber uncontrollably, have trouble cutting your food, eat with your fingers or simply have bad table manners.

Okay, now fast forward ten or so years. You’ve perfected, for the most part, your manners and your feet now touch the floor. So, you begin eyeing the adult table. You notice beloved uncle Ned is regressing to your previous state. He has trouble cutting his food, he has trouble keeping his teeth in his mouth and he doesn’t contribute much to conversation.

Sadly, the next year family members admit the now incontinent Uncle Ned to an assisted living center. To be fair, and because everyone still loves Uncle Ned, Many family members visit the center and have an early Thanksgiving day celebration.

Now back to you. While still mourning the loss of Uncle Ned at Thanksgiving dinner, you feel like avenging his absence and take his seat at the table. (You have been preparing for it for quite some time) You are a little young and new to the conversation, but you are slowly winning over family members.

While your antics become more likable, seldom heard from rich chubby family members make an appearance at this year’s holiday festivities. They have been a bit out of the loop and didn’t quite understand Uncle Ned’s situation. So with much haste they swooped into Uncle Ned’s new holiday celebration and brought him back to the rest of the family like the good ole days. Or so they thought. Since they’d been away and completely out of touch they have completely forgot about Ned’s pesky incontinence and now dementia.  Where does that leave you…. Back at the kids table. Now, if Uncle Ned had his wits about him would he really want to send you back to the kids table?

NBC executives are completely out of line, and secondly Jay Leno should know when to call it quits. How would he have reacted if Johnny Carson came out of retirement seven months into his run at Tonight Show host.


Written by Chad Lampe

January 12, 2010 at 4:24 pm

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morning cram (free money race edition)

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Get out the spurs! Let the great politician scramble begin!

KY~ Hopkinsville stops suing AT&T and a home invasion victim there has been ID’d. Federal money fixes homes in Dawson’s Springs. A Eastern KY prison is going Girls Only. The House votes today on tracking bill. All reps want federal funds, but no charter schools allowed! MSU smashes EIU.

TN~ Recent demand for energy busts TVA records. A Tanner contender goes indie. Bredesen”s education proposal concerns some lawmakers.

Written by Chris Taylor

January 12, 2010 at 9:13 am