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The Napoleon Syndrome: Murray

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– John Dillon

Good to be here at the Front Blog. Hope everyone has a fine 2010.

Here’s food for thought: “The Napoleon Syndrome” (aka “little man syndrome”) is sometimes used to describe a person who is exceedingly self-conscious about his physical size. That size would be rather small, like that of Mr. Bonaparte himself of France — something just over five feet tall.

It is, at its base, an inferiority complex often combated by the individual through behavioral power-plays, the need for exaggeration and other measures to “appear big.”

How might this apply to the lil’ town of Murray? Well, Murray is ceasing to be a small town, largely due to the efforts of local officials and townspeople (including some at the university) to build, build, build and make the Calloway County city into a metropolis of Western Kentucky.

The university expands; recruitment efforts for citizens and businesses is high; and there is a genuine traffic “rush hour” that can delay travel across town by a goodly amount.

Try Twelfth Street at lunchtime!

Now, growing the town isn’t all bad — it would also mean job growth, tax and income increases for local municipalities, and it should mean greater quality of life.

But when I moved here more than 20 years ago, it was in part for the small-town charm of a Murray that is now fading. For every up-side to expansion, there is a down-side, including crime and parking snarls.

So — is the city of Murray playing Little Big Man?

This phenomenon of expansion and growth is also present in other Purchase communities to some degree. Look at Paducah’s takeover of the Executive Inn.

I want my small(er) town back. Thoughts?

Written by JD

January 6, 2010 at 12:08 pm

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morning cram (don’t get stucKY edition)

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Kentucky’s hogging all your area headlines today.

KY~ Snow tomorrow, road treatments may be ineffective. Say NO to freezing pipes. We’re airing the  State of the Commonwealth tonight @ 7:00pm. The Commonwealth’s Democratic leader steps down after just months @ the post. Beshear’s already got a million down on his bid to stay in the mansion next year. A man’s body was found below KY Dam. McCracken County could buy that darn boat. Paducah Commissioners may create an oversight panel for its to-be-developed sports park.

SPORTS~ MSU @ TSU tomorrow night starts early.

Written by Chris Taylor

January 6, 2010 at 9:44 am